When I set out to have puppies, my 1st litter was just like every other backyard breeder. I did it because everyone loved my dog. As soon as those puppies were born, I immediately thought to myself, "Why did I do that?" 

My background is in the high end equine industry. I would never breed a mare just because she had the reproductive organs to do it. We only breed mares that have proven themselves to be worthy to improve the breed, same with Stallions. We take every precaution we can to insure a healthy foal that has a purpose for us bringing them into the world.

With the current over population of unwanted pets, I certainly did not want to add to that problem.  

I researched the Australian Breed the next few years, finding out what it takes to be a responsible breeder. That led me to where I am now, being recognized as a Bred With H.E.A.R.T breeder, producing genetic free issue pups, and an AKC Breeder of Merit, producing several Champion titled dogs in both the conformation and performance venues.

Every dog has their strong points and every owner has a goal, regardless if it is to win a Champion conformation or performance title or be the best couch potato companion. I pride myself in matching the two through a series of exercises to determine a temperament rating on the puppies. 

I know not everyone wants to compete, but what the titles do, is verify the type of dogs that I am trying to produce, where form meets function. I wanted to put the trainable mind and amazing temperament that an Aussie is known for in the modern breed standard package. While at the same time, doing everything that science has provided us with to prevent any known genetic issue through genetic testing and OFA Xrays.  
All the above requires time and expenses, however, I feel confident in the pups that I represent. Hoping that through all of my efforts, I will provide healthy pups to homes and they don't experience the heart ache of preventable diseases.  

I try to prepare my pups for a smooth transition to their homes with an introduction to crate and potty training, and lots of socialization. Lastly, vetting their new homes thoroughly because for the owner's, the dog is part of their lives but for the dogs, it is their whole life!

If you are looking for a quality puppy/dog that is well socialized, can be competitive in any performance or conformation ring, and will be sure to be a life long companion, than you have come to the right place for your next Australian Shepherd puppy.  

Puppies are ASCA and/or AKC Registered and raised 1 litter at a time.  They are up to date
with vaccinations and worming prevention programs.  Puppies come with a 100% genetic health guarantee, as all breeding pairs are OFA and genetic health tested.  Socialization starts at birth.  Careful temperament evaluations are completed weekly until the age of 6 weeks to determine what puppy will be the best fit for each new home.  
Puppies go to approved homes only.  You can expect your new puppy to arrive well on their way to being crate and potty trained. 

We are excited to see our grown puppies being successfully handled in the show conformation ring, Rally/agility/dock diving competitions, therapy/alert dogs,  working in the herds of ranchers and/or down the road at the next horse event. 

Thank you for visiting us and considering bringing an LHT Aussie into your family!
Jeromy, Jacqueline, Ivy, Wyatt, Smurf, Barrett, Flame, Panda, Denali, Autumn.....and Josey too!
LHT Aussies is located near Grand Lake in Miami, Oklahoma at the Lipps Horse Training  and 100 acre cattle Bar 20 Ranch.  The dogs are used  in daily activities.  When they are not working, they are relaxing with our family, Ivy 12 and Wyatt 10 years old or competing at AKC and ASCA events.

LHT Aussies are bred to the ASCA and AKC breed standards. To validate their worthiness to be used for breeding, they all have complete DNA profiles, genetic testing, OFA hips, elbows, and Eye CERTS done on all breeding pairs.  If they are not Champions themselves, they are Championed pedigreed. You will find in the website links to results in their profiles to verify. Their intelligent minds, pleasant disposition and herding instincts make them highly trainable and a pleasure to work with.  All this and put in attractive packaging.

 Our foundation breeding girls are Clearview's Lite My Fire "Flame" and Cowgirl Josey.  Recently, we have selected a few outside males to breed to before spaying Flame in 2018.  LHT Kiss My Cowgirl "Panda" is caring on the legacy of her mother, Cowgirl Josey, working our Charolais herd.  She was crossed with CH Cedar Hill Take Your Best Shot "Barrett" in 2017 and produced outstanding pups that were titled in CGC, Trick, RTCH, Agility and one was a BOS in their 1st Conformation show. A few are working towards competing in Agility, once growth plates allow.  We are excited about our 2 up and coming girls that are daughters of Flame, Aspen and Denali.  Both Sired by ASCA CH / AKC GCH CH Emptynest Silver Lining.  Both have titled in AKC, CH LHT On A Mountain High "Denali" & GCH Alaskan Aspen, and Aspen was the #1 Open Blue Merle Bitch at the 2018 ASCA Highland Pre Nationals.  We welcomed Aspens 1st litter the Fall of 2018.  We were blessed with 3 puppies sired by the 2018 #1 Australian Shepherd all systems MBIS MBISS GChP. Silverwood's Kiss of Fire at Limelite "Tango" before the untimely death of Aspen.  Her only daughter, CH LHT This Girl is on Fire "Autumn" (2020 AKC National Champion Winners Bitch) has joined our pack.  
We originally had one breeding boy; AKC ptd Kiss My Smurf, but welcomed ASCA Major ptd & AKC CH Cedar Hill Take Your Best Shot "Barrett" to our home May 2017. We also have breeding rights to up and coming Co Own LHT Aussie Bred By boys, LHT Daytona HF Fire Rooster "Rooster", LHT Great Balls of Fire (Tango x Aspen) & CH LHT The Ring of Fire (Tango x Aspen). Another exciting male came to our program in 2019, AKC/ASCA CH Xsell Casslecreek Earth B' Shakin "Quake" He has sired a few of Smurf daughter's litters and is out be specialed now on the AKC show circuit. 
There are Smurf x Flame and Smurf x Josey puppies all over the world!  They have been blessed with amazing humans.  They have proved to be truly versatile dogs.  They have a reputation of have great drives that play when asked and have wonderful off buttons. They are substantial dogs with a lot of bone and presence.  

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